Elavalu Soup

Rs. 450.00

Fresh vegetable soup

Mulligatawny Soup

Rs. 450.00

Curry flavoured soup made with a
combination of tamarind, lemon juice,
red lentils & coconut milk

Bittara Saha Irigu Soup

Rs. 570.00

Egg & corn boiled with spring onions

Add Chicken

Rs. 770.00

All soups are served with a mini roast paan and butter.

Thambung Hodi Rasam

Rs. 450.00

Tamarind and pepper spicy soup using a
recipe from Northern Sri Lanka

Lanakawe Elu Mas Soup

Rs. 715.00

Fresh local mutton bones with mixed
vegetables & lentils

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Maalu Patties

Rs. 520.00

3 Sri Lankan style empanadas with a filling
of tin mackerel and potatoes sautéed in
garlic & onions

Maalu Ho Elavalu Cutlets

Rs. 430.00

5 deep fried croquettes of boneless fish OR
vegetables with finely diced onions, green
chilli & spices

Polos Cutlets

Rs. 460.00

5 deep fried croquettes made with baby
jackfruit, vegetables, onions, green chilli &

Tati Podi Roti
(Available from 4.30 PM only)

Mini Sri Lankan roti with a filling of
vegetables, potato, garlic, onions &
authentic spices (Two mini rotis per serving)


Rs. 220.00
Rs. 240.00
Rs. 275.00

Sri Lankan Style Samosa


Rs. 450.00
Rs. 470.00
Rs. 580.00

Bedapu Maalu (Handallo)

Rs. 640.00

Whitebait marinated and fried, served with
Upali's homemade sauces

Elavalu Patties

Rs. 370.00

3 Sri Lankan style empanadas (deep fried
egg pastry) with a filling of vegetables
sautéed in garlic & onions

Upali's Combo

Rs. 725.00

Slice of fried fish, vegetable cutlet & a leg of
Sri Lankan roast chicken.

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Pipingya Saladaya

Rs. 420.00

Fresh cucumber, green chilli, onion &
tomato salad

Karawila Saladaya

Rs. 420.00

Deep fried bitter gourd, tomatoes, onions
& green chilli mixed with Sri Lankan

Seeni Sambolaya

Rs. 350.00

Red onions, curry leaves, cloves &
cardamom, sautéed sugar, tamarind juice
& crushed chilli

Salmon Sambolaya

Rs. 620.00

Tin mackerel salad with sliced raw onions,
green chilli & tomatoes. Topped with lime.

Chef's Saladaya

Rs. 710.00

Salad with a Sri Lankan twist
Includes: Fish, egg, cucumber, onion,
gotukola, chilli & tomato

Gotukola Sambolaya

Rs. 470.00

Sri Lankan herbal green leaves (pennywort)
salad, mixed with onion, green chilli,
maldive fish & grated coconut

Pol Sambolaya

Rs. 230.00

Grated coconut, red onion, green chilli,
crushed chilli, maldive fish & tomato

Lunu Dehi Sambolaya

Rs. 330.00

Traditional Sri Lankan style lime pickle:
mix of lime, salt, vinegar & peppercorn

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Upali's Set Menu (Lunch Only)

Rs. 580.00

Served from 11:30 am until sold out
Choice of two types of rice, served with 3
vegetables, tempered coconut sambol
(choice of veg and non veg), papadam, dry
fish, red chilli & curried gravy)

Extra serving of rice
Extra serving of vegetables
Vegetables served in dishes
Kehel Kole (served in a banana leaf- veg)

Rs. 150.00
Rs. 220.00
Rs. 730.00
Rs. 650.00

Yapane Kakuluwo
(Jaffna Crab Curry)

Market Price

Marinated crabs cooked with spices from

Gammiris Kakuluwo

Market Price

Sri Lankan style black pepper crab,
marinated in garlic & authentic spices

Ape Parata

Signature stuffed parata with finely
chopped onions, green chili & mozzarella
cheese. Served with chicken, fish, mutton
or tomato gravy


Rs. 770.00
Rs. 820.00
Rs. 850.00
Rs. 1155.00


Rs. 880.00

Seven-in-one vegetable curry.
The recipe dates back 2000 years!

Elu Mas Pigana With Rotis
(Available from 4.30 PM Only)

Rs. 1815.00

One egg roti & two godamba rotis served
with a black mutton curry.

Kakuluwo Parata

Rs. 1260.00

Upali’s crab parata stuffed with onions,
green chili, crab meat and a generous
drizzle of mozzarella cheese

Mutton Varuval

Rs. 1680.00

Jaffna style preparation of fresh boneless
mutton cubes sautéed with spices, served
on a sizzling plate

Lankawe Mati Hattiye Biriyani For 2

Biryani made with Sri Lankan spices, vegetables,
curd & raisins served in a claypot (served with
accompaniments) 25 minutes cooking time


Rs. 1980.00
Rs. 2530.00
Rs. 3080.00
Rs. 3520.00

Maalu Oluwa (Fish Head Curry)

Market Price

Fish head cooked in a light, coconut based
curry with okra, topped with sliced
pineapple & aubergine
(25 minutes cooking time)

Upali's Baduma (50g)

Rs. 275.00

An original fried mixture of banana flower,
peanuts, noodles, onions, chilli, garlic &
curry leaves

Roti Parata

Rs. 520.00

2 paratas served with chicken or tomato

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available


Rs. 45.00

(Thin, crisp, round flatbread)

Mudawapu Kiri

Rs. 110.00

Curd, curdled milk

Malay Achcharu (50g)

Rs. 330.00

Mixed diced vegetables in a pickled sauce
that combines sweet & sour authentic
Sri Lankan spices


Rs. 460.00

Lentils tempered with onions, curry leaves
& turmeric

Bim Mal Baduma

Rs. 650.00

Mushrooms tempered with onions,
tomatoes & spices

Bim Mal Baduma Butter Samaga

Rs. 770.00

Mushrooms tempered with classic batter
made of garlic butter, cornflour & egg

Bandakka Teldala

Rs. 650.00

Okra tempered with onions, garlic, green
chilli & crushed chilli

Kankung Saha Sudu Lunu

Rs. 650.00

Water spinach tempered with garlic

Gata Polos

Rs. 660.00

Baby jackfruit cooked with traditional

Punchi Ala Teldala

Rs. 790.00

Boiled Welimada baby potatoes tempered
with onions, green chilli & crushed chilli

Kos Ata Kalupol Maaluwa

Rs. 790.00

Boiled jackfruit seeds cooked with grated
coconut & black curry sauce/p>

Game Batu Moju

Rs. 790.00

Deep fried brinjal cooked with shallots of
onion & green chilli

Ala Sudata Uyala

Rs. 790.00

White potato curry cooked in coconut milk,
turmeric, onions, green chilli & curry leaves

Kaju Suadata Uyala

Rs. 950.00

Raw cashews tempered with garlic, onions
& spices, cooked in a rich coconut gravy

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Lankawe Omelette

Rs. 460.00

Authentic Sri Lankan spices mixed with
green chilli & garlic, folded into a traditional

With cheese

Rs. 520.00

Bittara Sudata Uyala

Rs. 460.00

Boiled egg cooked with coconut milk,
turmeric, onions, curry leaves & spices

Omelette Sudata Uyala

Rs. 610.00

Slices of egg omelette cooked in a white
curry sauce

Kakuluwo Omelette

Rs. 840.00

Sri Lankan style crab omelette cooked &
spiced with Negombo crab meat

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Elu Mas Mirisata

Sautéed fresh mutton cubes cooked with
onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, green chilli
& tamarind juice

With Bones

Rs. 980.00
Rs. 1810.00

Elu Mas Kaluwata Uyala

Dry black mutton curry served with
steamed rice or 135g of roast paan, with
coconut sambol & papadam

With Bones

Rs. 1290.00
Rs. 1980.00

Badapu Elu Mas

Rs. 2090.00

Fried mutton cubes in an authentic Sri
Lankan pepper sauce

Devilled Elu Mas

Rs. 2310.00

Authentic Sri Lankan stir fry with mutton &

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Salmon Rathata Uyala

Rs. 690.00

Tin mackerel cooked in a red curry sauce
with sliced onions, chilli & tomatoes

Salmon Teldala

Rs. 730.00

Tin mackerel tempered with onions, green
chilli & crushed chilli

Halmesso Teldala

Rs. 715.00

Sprats seasoned, deep fried & served with
onion rings

Halmesso Sudata / Mirisata

Rs. 680.00

Sprats seasoned and cooked with spices
in a red curry or coconut milk

Katta Karawala Rathata Uyala

Rs. 760.00

Dried trevally fish cooked in coconut milk
with traditional spices

Katta Karawala Teldala

Rs. 780.00

Dried queen fish seasoned, deep fried &
served with onion rings.

Maalu Kirata Ho Mirisata

Rs. 810.00

Fish Kirata: cooked with coconut milk,
turmeric & tomato or Mirisata: cooked with
chilli & authentic spices.

BBQ Maalu

Rs. 1680.00

Fresh mullet BBQ with salad & chutney

Dallo Rathata Uyala

Rs. 915.00

Sautéed fresh cuttlefish cooked in a red
curry sauce

Dallo Teldala

Rs. 935.00

Sautéed fresh cuttlefish with tomato,
capsicum & onions

Isso Teldala

Rs. 1000.00

Lagoon prawns tempered with spices,
ginger, garlic, onions & tomatoes

Maalu Baduma

Rs. 850.00

Seasoned, deep fried fish slices garnished
with onion rings & lemon

Matara Maalu Ambul Thiyal

Rs. 900.00

Marinated yellowfin tuna cooked in
gamboge (sour & dry curry)

Rathu Miris Kakuluwo

Market Price

Crab tenderly cooked in a tantalizing and
delicious spicy red curry

Isso Kirata Ho Mirisata

Rs. 970.00

Fresh lagoon prawns Kirata: cooked in
coconut milk, turmeric & tomato or
Mirisata: cooked with chilli & authentic

Devilled Isso

Rs. 1790.00

Authentic Sri Lankan stir fry with prawns &

Thora Maalu Stew

Rs. 1155.00

Seer fish cooked in coconut milk with
mustard cream, tomatoes, onions, garlic,
ginger, curry leaves, green chilli, potatoes
& capsicum

Thora Maalu Kaluwata Uyala

Rs. 1280.00

Seer fish cooked in a black curry sauce &
spices served with steamed rice or 135g of
roast paan

Upali's Hot Butter Selection

Classic batter made of garlic butter,
cornflour & egg white.

Dallo (Cuttlefish)
Isso (Prawns)

Rs. 1210.00
Rs. 2090.00

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Kukul Mas Mirisata (Sri Lankan
Village Style Chicken Curry)

Fresh chicken cubes cooked with
spices in a red curry

With bones

Rs. 850.00
Rs. 985.00

Roast Kukul Mas

Whole chicken slightly fried, then
smothered in chilli & spices and slow
cooked in a banana leaf. Garnished with
capsicum & onions, topped with lime.

Half Chicken
Full Chicken

Rs. 1430.00
Rs. 2435.00

Kukul Mas Varuwal

Rs. 1560.00

Fresh boneless chicken cubes sautéed with
authentic Jaffna spices, served on a sizzling

BBQ Kukul Mas

Rs. 1680.00

Full chicken leg marinated and cooked on a BBQ with garlic, served with a local chutney.

Halawatha Kalu Kukul Mas

Rs. 1235.00

Boneless chicken cooked in a black curry
sauce, served with 135g roast paan &
coconut sambol

Badapu Kukul Mas

Rs. 1210.00

Fried chicken cubes in an authentic
Sri Lankan pepper sauce

Devilled Chicken

Rs. 1815.00

Chicken stir fry with authentic Sri Lankan

Chicken Stew

Rs. 1340.00

Chicken cooked in coconut milk with
mustard cream, tomatoes, onions, garlic,
ginger & potatoes.

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Dara Poranu Acchu Paan

Rs. 240.00

Wood oven baked Sri Lankan style bread

with Butter

Rs. 300.00

Roast Paan

Rs. 165.00

Baked Sri Lankan style bread

With Butter

Rs. 220.00

Roast Paan Sandwich

Baked Sri Lankan style bread with butter

Garlic & Cheese
Egg & Cheese
Pol Sambol, Egg & Cheese
Tin Mackerel

Rs. 220.00
Rs. 250.00
Rs. 275.00
Rs. 440.00

Rajarata Sudu Bath

Rs. 435.00

Steamed white rice

Themparadu Bath

Rs. 460.00

Steamed white rice tempered in ghee with
onions & curry leaves

Magampura Rosa Kekulu

Rs. 435.00

Ruhunu wholemeal country red rice

Garlic Rice

Rs. 495.00

Steamed white rice with garlic & traditional

Uda Dana Bath
(Sri Lankan Style Fried Rice)

Rice & egg tossed with vegetables and
butter, flavoured with Jaffna spices


Rs. 580.00
Rs. 760.00
Rs. 1045.00

Harichandra Sri Lankan Noodles

Sri Lankan noodles cooked with carrots and
leeks with spices


Rs. 715.00
Rs. 760.00
Rs. 840.00
Rs. 1045.00

Mixed Noodles

Rs. 1320.00

Spicy noodles with mutton, chicken &

Kottu Tacchiye Hadala (Lunch Only)

Wok fried kottu- kneaded flatbread tossed
with vegetables & spices


Rs. 730.00
Rs. 840.00
Rs. 925.00
Rs. 1250.00
Rs. 1650.00

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Idi Appa


15 string hoppers (wholemeal or white
flour) pressed into noodle form &
steamed. Served with coconut sambol &
thakkali hodi (tomato gravy)


Rs. 450.00

1 egg hopper & 3 plain hoppers (bowl
shaped pancakes made from fermented

Extra plain hopper
Extra egg hopper
Seafood egg hopper

Rs. 130.00
Rs. 165.00
Rs. 450.00

Served with lunu miris or katta sambol


Rs. 460.00

Steamed cylinder of ground flour, layered
with grated coconut (wholemeal or white
flour) & coconut milk. Served with lunu
miris or katta sambol

Manni Pittu

Rs. 550.00

Pressed flour noodles, steamed in
cylinders, served with coconut milk & lunu
miris or katta sambol


Rs. 325.00

2 flatbread made from a flour mix

Extra Roti

Rs. 165.00

Cheese Roti

Rs. 520.00

Cheese, onions and pepper folded and
grilled in a flatbread roti

Rasa Bedum Pigana Dennekuta

Rs. 2990.00

Tasting Plate for 2- perfect for first timers!
Mulligatawny soup, fish cutlet, red & white
stringhoppers, pol roti, two egg & plain
hoppers. Chicken kottu served with chicken
and fish curries with lentils. Comes with:
seeni sambol, coconut sambol, gotukola
sambol & mango chutney with a choice of
roast paan or rice

Sudu Lunu Roti

Rs. 520.00

2 flatbread made from a flour mix with
onion & crushed garlic

Extra sudu lunu roti

Rs. 265.00

Kottu Roti

Kneaded flatbread pieces tossed with


Boneless Chicken
Boneless Mutton
Add Cheese to any
of the above

Rs. 710.00
Rs. 750.00
Rs. 775.00
Rs. 825.00
Rs. 870.00
Rs. 920.00
Rs. 900.00
Rs. 960.00
Rs. 1030.00
Rs. 1080.00
Rs. 1090.00
Rs. 1150.00
Rs. 1980.00
Rs. 2085.00
Rs. 1470.00
Rs. 1545.00
Rs. 2015.00
Rs. 2120.00
Rs. 330.00

Pol Roti

Rs. 460.00

1 large roti & 3 small rotis with green chilli,
onions & curry leaves, made of grated
coconut. Served with lunu miris or
katta sambol

Bittara Roti

Rs. 330.00

Grilled flatbread with egg

Rice Combo For 2

Rs. 990.00

A choice of red or white rice, 3 vegetable
curries of the day with parippu (dhal) and
pol sambol and a choice of either chicken
or fish curry.
Comes with 02 cutlets (vegetable or fish)
and papadam, dry fish & red chili

Spicy Roti Parata with Chicken Curry

Rs. 1500.00

04 Special Roti Paratas with chicken curry

Additional Parata

Rs. 230.00

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available


Rs. 425.00

Pudding made with jaggery & coconut milk.
Topped with nuts.

Palathuru Saladaya

Rs. 485.00

Sri Lankan seasonal fruit salad with ice

Kiri Pani

Rs. 580.00

Southern buffalo curd with treacle specially
made for Upali’s

Wiskothu Pudima By Sandhya

Rs. 600.00

Baked biscuit pudding layered with
chocolate sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Caramel Pudima

Rs. 460.00

Custard dessert with caramelised sugar

Kiri Appa Ho Hakuru Appa
(Dinner Only)

Rs. 330.00

Sweet hoppers (bowl shaped pancakes
made from fermented flour)
Choice between milk OR jaggery hopper

On request, we can provide you with a customised ribbon
cake for any occasion if you give us 5 days notice.
Speak to yoyr server now! Charges will vary according to
your specifications.


Rs. 460.00

Traditional Sri Lankan coconut cake

Homemade Ice Cream

Rs. 580.00

Two scoops of either Belgian Chocolate,
Passion Fruit, Coconut Cream or Coffee

Nuts and Chocolates sauce added
on request only

Rs. 265.00

Cake Slices

Served with treacle on request
(Butter Cake/Fruit Cake)

Butter Cake
Fruit Cake

Rs. 130.00
Rs. 145.00

Upali's Toffees

Rs. 220.00

02 toffees per serving
Kiri (Milk) Toffee or Pol (Coconut) Toffee

Jelly & Custard Pudima

Rs. 600.00

Custard dessert with four flavored layers
of jelly

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available

Ginger Tea

Rs. 170.00

Yara Tea


Tea with condensed milk

Cardemon Tea

Rs. 300.00

Herbal Kola Kendha

Rs. 275.00

Traditional herbal drink prepared with rice,
coconut milk and fresh juice of medicinally
valued leaves.

Ceylon Tea

Rs. 300.00

Pure black tea grown in the cool climates of
tropical Ceylon, this tea is distinct in both nature
and flavour. With a golden liquor and malty
undertones, this is Ceylon tea at its best.

Green Tea

Rs. 300.00

Grown on lush tea estates, this green tea is
soothing, gentle and clean. Rich in anti
oxidantants, it is a delicate sweet-smelling brew
full of goodness.

Earl Grey

Rs. 300.00

A sophisticated brew of pure Ceylon tea,
infused with the zest of the bergamot orange. A
truly aromatic experience worthy of any tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

Rs. 300.00

A refreshing drink made from handpicked mint
leaves and a combination of exotic roots and
herbs. Well balanced and soothing to the
palette, this brew is robust yet refined.

English Breakfast Tea

Rs. 300.00

Cool winds, tropical sunshine and pure spring
water nature the terraced tea fields in the
central highlands of Ceylon. With centuries of
tea growing tradition, only two leaves and a bud
are skillfully selected to create this
characteristically malty brew.

Chamomile Tea

Rs. 300.00

Made with nothing but delicate chamomile
flowers, this brew brings about a meditative
calm. Unadulterated goodness to unwind the
body and mind.

Lemongrass Ginger

Rs. 300.00

Fragrant lemongrass infuses with spicy ginger
to create a brew that elevates the senses.
Revitalize body and mind with every sip.

Cinnamon Tea

Rs. 300.00

The perfect mix of sweet and spice, our Ceylon
cinnamon tea is made using the world’s best
cinnamon. Coupled with pure Ceylon black tea,
this brew is an ode to merchants who sailed the
ancient Silk Route in search of such treasure.

Jasmine Green Tea

Rs. 300.00

Refreshing, smooth and elegant in its subtlety,
the nuttiness of Ceylon green tea is uplifted
with the fragrance of Jasmine buds. Growing
side-by-side on the emerald tea slopes and now
united in one cup. Delicate and delicious.

Vegetarian Vegetarian Option Available Vegan Vegan Option Available